What about the other dog?

For the purposes of transparency and to address the point the AC&R is making about the letter carrier being attacked by two dogs, I am making this clarification. One dog was Bandit who resides in the home where the incident took place, the other was a visiting dog.

I will attempt to keep the facts separate and not confuse the issue of the allegations brought before Bandit. In that regard, I have focused the series of events on that day in April 2010 to the allegations brought against Bandit and not the other dog, since Bandit is the one to be euthanized.

Indeed there was another dog inside the home when the letter carrier came knocking. It was during the time that the dog handler opened the door that the other dog (not Bandit) was sniffing and barking and was held by her harness while the exchange of signature happened for the notorious registered letter. While the dog was restrained from exiting the front door as the signature exchange occurred, that’s when Bandit wiggled her way out and presented herself before the intruder.

The other dog slipped out of her harness and wiggled out the door as well just as the letter carrier was kicking Bandit in the face repeatedly. When he saw two dogs now, he ran and could have slipped on the grass–although he states he was knocked down–and this is when he states Bandit allegedly bit his thigh. He received a bite from the other dog on the arm.

You’re not hearing much about this other dog because she was released at the dog hearing and is free in the community no doubt under some sort of restrictions imposed by the AC&R as result of that being her first bite incident. This particular dog has never bitten before nor since.

So why again was Bandit detained and ruled vicious and dangerous and condemned to die by euthanasia? Read my story ‘First Bite Allegation…’ on this page.

Have a look at this picture – it’s the only bite wound that was attributed to Bandit and allegedly inflicted on the day the letter carrier delivered the registered letter. You see that Karyl Marsh the Administrative Hearing Officer is pointing it out with her red finger nail. Hard to see, requires a pointer.

You decide.



11 thoughts

  1. What an injustice this is!!! You can’t even see a pin prick of a scratch in this picture. He must have scratched himself when he fell, lol.

  2. Could have been the dogs toe nail really, are you a man, my husband comes home with real cuts from wire , let this dog be with its family, your strap buckle could have poked you, and if anyone ever kicked my dog ,I would do more then bite you. really how huge was this dog, I have bigger scare’s on my arms from playing with my dog they are nail scratches, and I’m a woman,,,,

  3. Looks like the only reason Bandit was put in this position was the first “allegation” of a child blocks away being bitten. That is hearsay…there is no corrobation or proof that Bandit was “the” dog…just some shaddy word of mouth from one person to another…no eye-witness, just an accusation. The first thing that needs to be done is to get this “first bite” un-verified information out of Bandit’s record. Have you contacted the Lexus Project, Legal Defense for Dogs? “The Lexus Project, is a 501c3. We are here to help any dog who is facing death or incarceration as a vicious / dangerous dog. We want every dog brought to safety and we will try to help.” http://www.thelexusproject.org/

      • No, sorry I am not. But I know of cases where they’ve helped tremendously (you must know “Support Duke” — they posted news from you recently about Bandit on their Facebook page…networking really works wonders). I think they try to do it pro bono along with the owner establishing some online accounts for people to donate to a legal fund to help offset expenses. I would contact them and get correct information.

  4. My cat has inflicted worse injuries on me, what a god damn wuss that man is, he’s probably appfter some kind of claim and compo, what a horrible human being, on the subject cats bite people all the time, in fact probably more than dogs but because there small they get away with it, I’v been bitten by cats far more savage and intent on inflicting injury than any dog x

  5. Bandit does not appear to be a real threat to people.The poor dog needs to go home to be with his owner. I think someone wanted to get a quick buck. Shame,

  6. You have to be kidding…that little pinprick is what this postie is claiming as a dog bite…mosquito bites here in Australia are bigger than that..get a life postie…stop being a drama queen…let Bandit go home…

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