To say it was ‘unprovoked’ is a plain and outright lie! (bite wound photo)


Taken directly from the April 27, 2010 County of Sacramento Animal Care & Regulation Administrative Dog Hearing transcript – this is an excerpt from page 18 where the letter carrier describes his encounter with Bandit, after she managed to wiggle out the front door while he was at the door getting a signature on April 10, 2010. Please note the statements:

Letter carrier:

‘Bandit lunged at me to try to bite me…’

‘…and I kicked Bandit in the face… This happened five to six times.’

His claim was that Bandit ‘lunged’ to try to bite him – if a dog is intent on attacking someone as he claims in this instance, I doubt that that dog would allow itself to be repeatedly kicked in the face, and yet still at that point not inflict any bite to defend herself.

This letter carrier clearly did not follow procedures learned through his employer’s training as a carrier – below are 9 basic instructions a letter carrier must follow in order to be safe around dogs (taken from “How to Avoid Dog Bites”, a letter carrier training booklet from the USPS, publication 174):

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 9.48.47 AM

Based on his testimony, he did not utilize the letter carrier training he received by his employer. He did not have his mail bag with him. He did not use pepper spray. And he did the exact opposite of what he was trained to do in order to avoid an attack.

It is this writer’s belief that Bandit’s approach was to acquaint herself with this unknown person on her door step. If he had used the training and the tools provided to him by his employer, the situation would have been neutralized and avoided entirely.

NOTE to readers: DO NOT attempt to contact the USPS to complain – this is a matter best handled by those closest to Bandit’ case and anything you try to do in good faith could have a negative impact in the progress we are making.

Let’s use common sense reasoning here: An aggressive and vicious dog that is intent on attacking is not going to put up with repeated kicks to the face and then wait to inflict a superficial wound that is the size of a grain of rice later. No! Human reasoning tells me that an unrestrained dog would immediately go for it and inflict more than one or numerous bite wounds and that those wounds would substantial — and not be the size of a grain a rice — impossible!!

Note that the type of wound that the letter carrier claims to have received from Bandit is also not consistent with a dog bite – go figure! And, note further, that the alleged bite by Bandit to the letter carrier required no (zero) stitches, per his own testimony during the Admin Dog Hearing.

Moreover, to say that Bandit is vicious and dangerous for allegedly inflicting a bite upon a person that occurred on her door step is a topic that deserves further examination.

Here is the bite wound:


If you are or know of a dog bite expert or anyone with credentials in the field of animal attacks on humans, aggressive dog behavior, please either send me their information or have them get in touch with me at


10 thoughts

  1. There are a lot of unsettling factors, in the Bandit case. Firstly, Bandit was on the premises of her home and property. After being repeatedly kicked in the face, some 5 to 6 times, one would be a fool, to look at this in any other light, except that it was, in fact, provocation. I do not believe, that the mark on that mans inner thigh, was caused by Bandit. It is in my opinion, that this man took this opportunity, claiming that Bandit attacked him, without cause, so that he can make his insurance claim, to profit for his own personal gain. What is unsettling here, is the fact that this man, saw no need to seek his medical practitioner, nor did he seek any medical attention, for this injury. Shortly after this man made his insurance claim, he celebrated his wedding and life goes on. Why has this case, not been seen before a jury? A jury, would decide, whether this man has made allegations against Bandit falsely. How is it possible, for any person, to make an insurance claim, without a medical report? Is it not important to know the severity of the injury, before deciding how much to claim and how much the payout should be? The authorising officer, is not a medical practitioner, therefore, with a small mark, such as the one on the mans thigh, how would the authorising officer be able to judge, whether that may have been the result of an in grown hair? Heat rash? Pimple? it remains as here say. Who’s word should we believe ? The mail mans? or the authorising officer, who seems to have played a part in helping the insurance, claim go thru? Surely this mail man knew that Bandit lived in that home, surely he knew that an elderly lady was her guardian. Were they an easy target? So many facts that are clearly disturbing to say the very least. What I would like to further understand, is why has Bandit, been kept away from her guardian and her home? Why has this not been settled? 3 years is a very long time, to keep documents stored away and never to be looked at in the near future. Why is this so? How has this been allowed to drag out, for so many years? There is clearly, an injustice present here. There is clearly a group of people, that have absolutely no care factor, for the citizens in that county. Paperwork piling up, and an elderly citizen left to push and fight for the truth and the return of her companion Bandit. Speed up the process and stop behaving like lazy individuals. You have a job that needed to have been cleared and finalised some three years ago. Spare this elderly lady from any further anguish and despair. Seek the truth, so that you will know, that your job was done well and in good faith. Serve your citizens with honesty and put a stop to the individuals, that wish to abuse the system.

  2. This is appalling and that mail man should be sued. And lose his job for a false claim. The older lady should sue him for mental distress and aggravated assault on her dog. What a pimp!

  3. Well said, Zoe. I applaud Sandi in her determination and love. Saying goodbye to him every day has got to putting her under so much stress. Please let her have her dog back!

  4. Did the letter carrier sue or file any disability or injury claim with USPS or anyone for any damages associated with the bite he claims he received from Bandit? Could the mail carrier have a motive to inflate his story and throw Bandit under the bus to make some money?

  5. Does look like a bite. Very sad Bandit its suffering for no reason. Mailman carrier needs to look deep on his heart an be fair. that its not a bite.

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