It takes a village… and the undying love of her master

Since this past December, Bandit’s cause has received over 40,000 signed petitions supporting her release to Sandi. In addition, we launched a local ‘feet on the street’ and email campaign for County of Sacramento constituent signatures and received an overwhelming response. Both the worldwide and the local constituent signatures were made available to the County. Of course, they didn’t need to receive them since every time each and every one of you signed Bandit’s petition, an email was immediately sent to the Sacramento County officials and board of supervisors named in the petition — over seven and each one got your petition.

The village I speak of is worldwide, global, and it is you. You have made a difference. We’ve encountered communication from people in over 120 countries, with the common interest in wanting to lend a hand and all wanting to be instrumental toward the release of Bandit York to her beloved human, Sandi York.

You see, Sandi is a senior, just like Bandit. Sandi has a disability, just like Bandit. Sandi needs Bandit, just like Bandit needs Sandi. Their story is truly a love story and one that has many facets to it from the beginning when Sandi rescued Bandit, nursed her back to health, to Bandit’s last days of freedom and all the days in between when Bandit helped Sandi overcome the effects of her disability. Bandit basically saved Sandi, and now Sandi is fighting to save Bandit. Without the companionship of her dog, Sandi’s health has suffered to a great extent in the past three years. Without Sandi, Bandit’s health has also taken a toll. Bandit’s eye sight is getting worse as she suffered from detached retinas before the incident and has not received medical treatment since.

Bandit is still being held as we continue to wage the battle for her release. We hope you will continue to support Bandit and Sandi’s reunification by sharing her story using this web site and signing and sharing her Petition on


Sandi visits Bandit each day – here she is saying goodbye – this has been going on for 3+ years.


10 thoughts

  1. This situation breaks my heart. I just dont understand why it cant be resolved. Surely someone in authority can see that Bandit is not the vicious creature the postman described. That she only defended herself very mildly against his boot coming at her. I personally think that any dog who sees a boot raised in their direction, has every right to rip off the leg attached to the boot. She didn’t even go close to that. My sincerest wish is that everyone involved in keeping Bandit and Sandi apart never knows another moment of peace until they put things right. I will keep on praying for a happy outcome, and for someone in authority to prove they have a heart.

  2. I hope this parting soon ends for this amaz lady .time for bandit to go home xxxxxx

  3. id love to get my hands on this pathetic coward of a postman. hes a poor excuse for a postman and if he ever raised his boot toward my dog i make sure he ate that boot as id drove it down his throat. i dont know how he could live with himself each day knowing what he did to this dog. he personally should be the one asking these people to release this dog now. BUDDY POSTMAN if your reading this get your ass over there and tell them enough time has passed and this dog deserves to be with her owner who realy needs her. BE A MAN NOT A PATHETIC LOSER..

  4. OMG! My heart is so sad and I have such an ache in my heart to see Bandit’s sweet face and what is she feeling in her heart…she does not have a clue as to why she is in a kennel and can’t go home with her Mom! She has to be so sad and so confused! And my heart bleeds for Sandi that she has to leave her sweet dog behind! How much longer can this go on? My God…THREE years…PLEASE somebody do something!

    Barb Scott
    Paducah, Ky.

  5. My heart and prayers are with you and all others that find them self in this horrible position. We need to help Bandit but we must also continue the fight to change the laws so no one ever has to go through this again. Fight the good fight and keep at it until the rights of our four legged friends are protected. Let Bandit come HOME!!!!!

  6. This makes me sad; I thought things were closer than this… This is beyond cruel for both Bandit and Sandy. How can this continue to go on???

    • Ann, we’re doing every thing humanly possible to reunite the two. Things are just progressing slowly. Each week brings us closer, we think, to a resolution. I won’t predict when it will happen, but I feel that it will.

    • Julie, you’re nice. If you wish to send Sandi a card or Bandit a toy, you may send it to the P.O. since the post office does not deliver to the home. Thank you, Pat
      Here’s the address:
      Sandi York
      PO Box 2974
      Orangevale, Ca 95662

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