Sandi and Bandit, Feeling Lucky [VIDEO]







Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 10.01.08 AMClick on image to watch video, courtesy of Patricia Workman


If numerology has anything to do with it, then the number ’13’ is indeed Bandit and Sandi’s lucky number. Today is May 31, 2013… ’13’ in the year, ’31’ reversed in the day, ‘1’ as in one life saved on this day, and ‘3’ in the number of years Bandit was held on death row – yes, it is indeed a very lucky day and some very lucky numbers.

May 31, 2013: Sandi York as she prepares to take that long-awaited and longed for walk out of Sacramento County Animal Care & Regulation with her best friend and companion Bandit. Interviewed by Patricia Workman, advocate for Bandit, Sandi shares her delight and anticipation.

Check back for more videos to come, including the actual “Victory” cha-cha out of the shelter.

Thanks for viewing.


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