Chance, puppy left to die

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On June 19 in Bakersfield, Ca. a little puppy was found along the roadside. He was lifeless and severely malnourished and dehydrated, and barely alive. He would hardly move when lifted. The good Samaritan who found ‘Chance’ brought him to the Kern County Animal Shelter in Bakersfield where he was planning to surrender him in the hopes of saving his life.

Chance, the puppy

Chance, the puppy

As luck, timing, or by chance, we had a rescuer at the shelter looking for a different dog that needed to be rescued – similarly this other dog was malnourished – luckily, that other dog was rescued just hours before by another rescue. While at the shelter, our rescuer, Miran, happen to observe that Chance was being surrendered and she intervened and prevented him from being taken into the shelter. It is our belief that based on the condition of this little puppy, he would not have survived longer. So, we took a chance, named him ‘Chance’ for now, and Miran took him to save him. She immediately provided him with water, gatorade, and tried to offer him chicken bits but he was too sick to be interested in food. He barely drank but Miran encourage him and he managed to drink some.

Miran made the drive from Los Angeles to Bakersfield – and now with Chance in the car, she made the trip back with the urgency to get him the care he needed asap. We feared we might lose Chance and she did everything she could to keep him alive. He showed signs of interest in her, looked her in the eyes when she stopped touching him, wagged his little tail a couple of times, barely detectable, he lapped up bits of water, but he refused to eat the chicken she bought him at trader joes. When they arrived at the Inland Empire at around 8pm, Chance was taken to an emergency medical facility for the attention he desperately needed.

Chance remained in the hospital overnight for IV fluids to treat his severe dehydration. He was immediately tested for Parvo – which came back negative. He was very weak and is suffering from malnutrition–and it is unknown yet if there are other untreated health conditions. I received a phone call late at night that Chance had stopped breathing and needed to be resuscitated. A breathing tube was insert to save his life and it remained there until this morning. Chance is now breathing on his own and actually went outdoors and walked a few steps so he can relieve himself. There is hope!

A vet will be making recommendations for further treatment this morning — I will update here. We can’t save Chance without the help of people like you. It takes a village to make a difference in just one life. Please share his struggle with anyone you know who is sympathetic to such causes. We need help in any way.

Chance’s care and recovery is only possible through donations (no amount is too small, really) made via his fundraiser link:

Thank you for reading about Chance.

Warmly, Pat


HELP [8am, June 21]: Chance is still in need of constant care, tube feeding, IV fluid/antibiotics and in the last 40 hours since Miran rescued him just hours from his death, he has shown a will to live and we think he’s a fighter. He still needs our help,please donate what you can, every dollar helps. We’ve raised enough for the care he has received so far and he is showing signs that the care is working but he is still not eating on his own and is dehydrated and weak. For Chance to to have a chance at a good and healthy life, he needs to continue a couple days more of hospital care. Please give, even $5 will and and just as importantly, share his struggle. I will update later today after I talk with his Dr. Thank you to all of have given and shared–you are saving Chance, Pat


CHANCE UPDATE [7pm, June 20]: Doctor reported that X-ray to rule out obstruction reveals no obstruction and anti-nausea meds could now be administered. This was necessary so that Chance could be encouraged to eat and keep food down and this will get his intestines moving again; he probably has not had a meal with at least a week if not longer. Blood work shows small decrease in white blood count and could indicate a type of viral infection like intestinitis but Doctors don’t think it is Parvo so it is being ruled out at this time; potassium is low and could be due to dehydration of not having had fluids for some time. The IV fluids Chance receives right now through IV are vital and helping him tremendously. Chance is also drinking well on his own but without IV he’d lose the battle. At this point, they don’t believe he shows clinical signs for distemper, thank goodness, but we will continue to have him monitored for it and Parvo since we don’t know if he was ever vaccinated (let’s assume he was not). Chance is still being observed, needing constant care and watch, tube feeding and IV fluid and antibiotics, possible further tests if he does not improve, and he of course he is too weak to go home and get well on his own; his body is lacking basic nutrition, vitamins, minerals necessary to sustain life. We hope the syringe feedings will be successful (not sure they were able to get him to feed last night-cross fingers). He also needs lots of love, human touch, and reassurance. It is possible that Chance was abused and he is timid with Miran and shakes, but we don’t know for sure. Thank you for all the prayers, donations, and well wishes, as I truly believe together we have all made a difference in saving Chance. Miran is with him now and holding him to keep him warm and to let him know he is loved. Pat


CHANCE UPDATE [3pm, June 20]: Doctor reported that Chance does not want to eat via syringe feeding; he gags and spits up. He is hydrated with IV and antibiotics may be working. She says he appears more alert and stood on his own this time; good news! Since he is staying one more night at 24 hr emergency care, I am awaiting the new estimate of charges to include blood work and potential xray to rule out blockage before she gives him anti-nausea meds to try feeding him again. Let’s all hang in there… Donations are still needed this is not going to be cheap – so far the money we have raised is going to allow him to receive another night of much needed 24 hr constant care that he so deserves. Thank you all. Keep sharing Chance and pray he makes it another night. Pat


Update [1:00pm – June 20]: Chance in the 24 hour hospital receiving the care he needs, IV fluids, antibiotics, syringe feeding (trying), and constant 24 hour care. Diagnosis is forthcoming – please keep sharing, caring, and if you can spare $5, please donate at this link:



Update [10:30am – June 20]: Chance is still very weak, not eating on his own; the vet is going to syringe feed him around 1pm today (will update). he is drinking water and is also receiving hydration through IV; his temperature is ‘low’. Without the blood panel, we won’t know yet about his blood count or organ function. As soon as we raise enough money, we will order all the lab work needed to identify any illness/disease and treat. The vet told me she feels fluids in Chance’s intestines and it could be due to a number of things but without blood work, can’t tell yet. Chance has a runny noise with a little blood discharge which could indicate distemper, again won’t know without lab work. Why are we waiting? Chance is in an emergency care facility and will be transferred to Miran’s, Chance’s adopter, regular vet where we can have all the care and treatment for Chance for less including overnight care as he will need IV for a couple of days-and we want to rule out distemper because there are other dogs at home. We have yet to raise enough money to the needed care and all the money we’ve raised so far will go to the emergency care facility, with a little left over for the regular vet to at least take him in for all these tests and overnight care. We are in need of additional donations to pay for the regular vet at this point. Appreciate the sharing and donations – no amount is too small. Thank you, Pat Donate here:


3 thoughts

  1. I donated $5 which is not much and wish it could be more…but if every dog lover who reads about him donates $5 it would pay for his care and more! I hope he is from now on loved and cared for as he should be!

    • Barb, thank you so much for your donation we appreciate it very much. You are right that if we all gave just a little, that’s all, it would pay for his mounting medical bill. Thanks again. Pat

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