For the many times… I kissed and nibbled on your black nose like a fresh, wet little truffle from a dewy forest I cleaned and caressed between your toes, what were those soft little webs for? I massaged your little body, pulling and stretching how I enjoyed making you feel warm and fuzzy I got to smell the insides your warm soft velvety ears, a secret indulgence that I shared with few I plucked and combed your little rough shiny coat, it was my pleasure to care for and groom you I cleaned the sleep from your eyes as you awoke, always polite and tolerant, letting me have my way I felt your nudges as I readied to leave for work, you somehow always knew if it’d be brief or long I enjoyed your kisses of silver and gold, only more precious your breath was like an angel’s, always fresh and clean Thank you, Milo, for sharing moments of your life with me For your patient, forgiving, and gentle manner We shared a special bond, I couldn’t have asked for more I will cherish these memories for the rest of my life I know your world now offers plenty of lemon verbena to nibble Plenty of warm fuzzy toys you can suckle as you wish There’ll be plenty of treats and walks in the woods And trickling water that you can play in and small fuzzy mice to chase Yes, you will find all your favorite things there Because, Milo, you were a very good boy
To Milo JRT, my heart dog. I wrote you this little poem to honor your memory. It helps me to grieve you recent passing and allows me perhaps to accept what I cannot change. Mommy Pat

On the Passing of Milo

We laid our child to rest today His essence is no more Our hearts are ripped asunder And strewn upon the floor

Your soul must be in heaven now With ears laid back, eyes closed against the wind I miss my friend so much It seems my heart will never mend

We laid our child to rest today His favorite toy we let him keep He looked so peaceful lying there I thought he might just be asleep

You saved my life one Saturday morn And ran down the hall as I lay alone You may not know it but you saved my life Every day when I came home

You waited faithfully by the door Always excited to see me And turned around so I could pick you up To kiss your belly while you licked yours truly

Your soul must be in heaven now I hope you’ve found a sunny spot to lay To wait for me to come to you I so look forward to that day.

With much love, Steve

To readers: As we grieve the passing our of 'heart dog' Milo, we publish words from the heart. We cannot express well enough how we feel but our attempts seem to help us move one step forward toward recovery. These are just attempts to get us by. If you have lost your heart dog, you know our loss. Please share your experience with us -- I will post your loss story, poem, or contribution for helping those who have just lost a soul right on this post. Warmly, Pat and Steve Workman (lost souls of Milo JRT) IMG_2025 BassLakeCamping2013 IMG_1979 IMG_2026