Lessons from Dogs on Being Present and Healing After Loss

Lessons from Dogs on Being Present and Healing After Loss

Today marks two weeks since Milo’s passing. We are still mourning the loss and we are roaming around in a fog, with this huge hole in our hearts. We write poems or little notes in our journals, and we are trying to understand what we are going through together and apart.

Last Sunday we visited Milo’s grave at Bubbling Well Pet Cemetery in Napa, Calif – it is so peaceful and beautiful there, nicer than most human cemeteries I’ve visited. Milo rests in a meadow surrounded by trees, near a creek, overlooking the wine country. What could be better? Nothing. When we visit, we are diverted a bit from the pain and we find ourselves focusing on the beauty and nature of this place. Afterward, we headed up Silverado Trail to have lunch and wine. We shared stories on that ‘booger’ as we often called him, or the ‘baby’. We are mending.

Many of you have posted the kindest words that have helped so tenderly and dearly–thank you for that. Many have just plain made me cry and sob. I know that many of you have lost pets in the past and you have felt our pain and, like us, will never forget your precious buddy. We are know kindred spirits in this way.

In any event, I came across this lovely blog that I wanted to share with you, written entirely by someone else. It has helped me an inch and I am grateful.




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  1. Sitting here in tears after reading this poem,feeling the loss that we that are given the unconditional love of a friend and” treasure it as we should”, feel at there passing. Been there more times than I would like(wish they all lived longer) and at there passing I’m never sure if I have any more pieces of my heart that I’m ready to give. Then I find another animal that’s been discard, uncared for and unloved(there’s so many of them) and I can’t help but fall in love all over again. We can never replace the love they give us and there will never be another Milo! But please allow the healing to start by giving your heart to another, no matter if we know full well that once again we will be feeling this same sadness again. A heart as big as yours is needed in the world we live in today.Once again I wish to say I’m so sorry for your loss and thank you for sharing it with us. Bonnie & Zoo

    • Bonnie, your comments touched our hearts. Thank you for reaching out and caring. Yes, there will never be another Milo, you are right about that. We think we might allow ourselves to give to another JRT. We are looking at Jack Russell rescues and we think we may have found a deserving soul, aren’t they all though, one that will help us reconnect with the love we have for Milo. We will know by Saturday if it’s a match. I can’t wait! I will always love my Milo and will never forget him but I know that the hole in my heart can only fill with another love of our life, like Milo. Thank you again. Pat

      • So sorry I meant to get back to you before now! Hope all went well on sat. Hope you found just the right fit for the hole that Milo left in your life. Wishing you all the happiness that a special dog can bring us. Let the healing begin for all involved. Best Wishes . Bonnie and Zoo

      • Thank you Bonnie and Zoo, yes, Eddie Sky has settled in nicely. He is such a well behaved and nice addition to our family. He is making the passing of Milo less painful although I still cry and miss him so. I just wrote a new poem ‘Little Flowers” and have posted it on this blog. Enjoy and thank you for writing. Pat

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