Little Flowers …

Little Flowers by the Road

When I see little flowers by the road
As one would see come early spring
Growing wildly along fields and slopes
I sigh, and I think of you in the meadow
How lovely they would look upon your stone

When I see little flowers by the road
I no longer think of putting them in my hair
Nor to adorn my desk or mantle
The very sight alone reminds me of you

When I see little flowers by the road
As I make my way up the peak—
vivid poppy with their lazy petals
bright mustard as they float and sway,
tell me that I’m on my way, closer to you

It has become a ritual that I rather not relish
Choosing each one carefully worthy of you
I look for the strongest and brightest
Their show will pay tribute the longest
Until I return again to repeat the journey

When I see little flowers by the road
I feel sad, I know their life is brief
As the days go by, the flowers wilt
Their colors fade and their petals drop
The stems wither and succumb
They have returned to where they came

When I see little flowers by the road
I know they will greet me again next spring
I am reminded about the cycle of life
I take solace in the seeds they left behind
That life is short but with purpose
I am reminded of you my friend
I smile and I cry

Momma Pat, Your human companion

Writing this little poem helps me honor Milo. The trips to Napa to Milo’s resting place are times when I find I am closest to him, the time provides private healing, I am able to see beauty all around me, and am truly reminded that we are only passing through. We do not own anything and everything is left behind. But, the beauty of life continues and repeats itself. The beauty we leave behind when our bodies are done is our legacy. It is what our loved ones will recall when the pain of our passing is too painful. The pain is necessary but it gives way to memories of joyous times, of laughter, and the little things recalled about our loved one.

Remember to smell the flowers by the road, and one occasion and with purpose, steal some. They will grow back, they always do.



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