Bandit, rest in peace


… and so, it was on February 19, 2016, a very special girl earned her wings.

Her name was Bandit. You are visiting this site because you have heard about how she was held for over three years, away from her loving human mommy, Sandi, and lived on doggy death row. The reason and cause for all that pales now, in comparison to the love she brought into our hearts, the hope she generated for so many, and brought a community together, all over the world.

Bandit was about 12 years old when she recently became ill with a type of cancer — she lived like this for a few months until her owner, Sandi York, made the painful but compassionate decision that her Bandit should not suffer longer than necessary. She was humanely put to rest surrounded by love and in the caring arms of those who loved her. My condolences to her humans.

May our Bandit rest in peace and her days be filled with all the things that brought her joy!



Bandit crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday at approximately 6pm. She was surrounded by the people who loved her the most, and her doggie brothers and sisters. Thank you Bandit for showing us what it is to love a dog with all our hearts and to never give up. You never gave up as you waited day after day in doggie death row; we all fought hard to get those in power to relinquish you–and they did. She remained poised with grace — waiting over 3 years of your life– and you were rewarded with love and freedom and validation for being a good dog. Doggie heaven is a better place now that you’ve arrived. We will all miss you, hearing about you and seeing pictures and videos of you. As your advocate, you will forever hold a special place in my heart for teaching me true compassion through the love of a dog, you, Bandit! Rest in Peace my sweet buddy.  Pat


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