January 12, 2014 Update:

Just Bella

“Hey Everybody, I want to thank the Saving Bandit Community for helping my dad repair one of my bum knees. Since my recovery, which I have made fully, I can now walk normal, squat to relieve myself, and even run without being in pain. Sometimes the arthritis in my knee acts up and Im a bit sore, but my Dad gives me a cheese snack with some sort of pills stuffed inside and after awhile I start to feel better. I am so thank for my new knee, and so grateful for everyone who helped out, without your love I dont want to think of how bad I would feel. Being able to run around and play with my friends, without feeling sore and being able to walk after is one of greatest things a young energetic pup like myself can enjoy. I recently turned 2 years old, and my dad/grandma gave me a few toys, that I promptly destroyed, its kinda my thing lol, but I enjoyed them until my Dad took them away from me, mumbling something about making sure I didnt eat the insides. As well, one of my favorite vets said I was too skinny so my dad has been feeding me larger amounts of my favorite food, and I love love love it. I honestly cant get enough, I could eat until I popped. Anyway, without your help, I wouldnt be able to be where I am at today. A young healthy, happy, pittie puppy. It is my hope that you guys continue on helping other animals like me in need, there is so many of us out there, but with a little help from everyone we can all very much change a life one at a time. Thank you so much for your love. I wish I could give you all a big wet kiss and some snuggles. Bella PS: Here are some recent pics of me with my dad. I love helping him cook in the kitchen, I make sure the floor is clean of any droppings, as well as snuggling with him on the bed. ”

Bella, the pittie pup, and her human Brennen Palmer

Bella, the pittie pup, and her human Brennen Palmer


On September 5, 2013 Bella had her long awaited surgery. She is recovering and updates will be posted here. The Saving Bandit community was able to raise the needed funds for her medical care and surgery. Without it, Bella could not walk and waiting longer would have negatively affected her quality of life. Bella is a young puppy and we all were so happy to have been part of this victory.

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 8.50.45 AM

Bella finally gets her knee surgery, thank you Saving Bandit Community!

BellaTongueout BellaSweet BellaSleepy Bellapacifier Bella6mosold Bella3msold Bella1stBday Bella


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