How I met Bandit

BanditLogoB&W Bandit York posing while at AC&R recently.

Your search for answers about Bandit and why she has been held for three years (yes ‘3’ human years) at the Animal Care & Regulation at the County of Sacramento has led you to this page and perhaps other pages owned by Bandit. I decided to add a blog this way I can write freely and not be limited by formats and character count.

I am not Bandit’s owner and until recently had not the pleasure to meet the little lady. Our first encounter was delightful and she greeted me — while in her death row kennel — with a wagging tail and licks.  We then got to visit briefly in an outdoor enclosure where she enjoyed the sunshine and I got to film her while her owner, Sandi York, exercised Bandit with obedience training.

I first learned about Bandit in December 2012 when I contacted Christine Garcia, Esq. to ask her a question about a different dog, Charlie. You know the pittie who bit a police horse on Crissy Field in San Francisco middle of last year. Well, she couldn’t answer any of my questions because she was Charlie’s first attorney and thus client-attorney privilege prevented us from discussing her former client’s case. On the topic of Charlie, yes, he is alive and will not be euthanized, and is now living at a sanctuary somewhere in California, I believe. I was relieved that public pressure prevailed. In any event, I was calling Christine for Charlie’s benefit and a funny thing happened during that telephone call. I was introduced to ‘Bandit’ and learned about her plight. I instantly fell in love with Bandit and I knew she needed me and I knew I wanted to help her.

As Christine explained to me, she is the pro bono attorney representing Bandit for her human mother, Sandi York. She asked me if I would be willing to help Bandit. After listening to her for a few minutes, it didn’t take long before I envisioned how I was going to help Bandit and bring awareness to her situation, and ultimately see her walk out of the shelter and into her mother’s arms. The first thing I did was contact Sandi and introduce myself. What a sweet and kind lady I thought. How could something like this happen to such a nice lady and how bad could the dog of such a sweet lady be and what could that dog have possibly done to have been dealt the card she was holding. Wow, I thought to myself, I vowed to do whatever I had to do to see to it that Bandit is returned to Sandi.

After talking to Sandi, I learned that I needed to launch a number of mechanisms for Bandit’s cause; first, I started a petitions page to collect signatures that we could use to demonstrate support for Bandit’s cause; second, I set up a donations online page; third I set up Bandit’s very own facebook page; and fourth, I set up a website. I thought I had all the bases covered, then I realized I forgot a Twitter and then now this, a blog. So, perhaps I do finally have it all covered.

My heart ached after learning the details of Bandit’s case. I found it really hard to believe that she has been held since April 10, 2010 – I didn’t think it was possible that a dog could be held that long. You see, Bandit was deemed ‘vicious and dangerous’ and would be euthanized for having nipped at a mail man, at some point. I did my research and learned that typically a dog is not euthanized for biting a first time. So, this is where things got interesting.

So, what exactly is keeping Bandit behind bars for just under three years? I interviewed the owner, again and again, I talked with Christine several times — I was now privy to details since I was appointed by her with the dog owner’s permission. In addition to my first due diligence, I also met the owner for a couple of hours in my office where we chatted and she turned over to me a thick file of papers which she began to collect from day one. This file held the accounts of what ‘they’ say happened years before as well as the transcript of the administrative dog hearing where Bandit was deemed vicious.

Read the posts I have written here to get a sense of the magnitude of injustice that is happening today, here in our State’s capital of all places. As I continue my research on Bandit’s case, I’m compelled to dive in and poke around and expose what I’ve found in plain site. I will then share with our readers what I’ve discovered. I hope you find my postings helpful in trying to understand why it is that Bandit has been confined for so long. If you have not already visited Bandit’s facebook page, have a look FB.

Your comments, views, and suggestions are welcome on this page.

Thank you.

A Bandit Fan and Supporter


6 thoughts

    • Martha, yes, Bandit does have an attorney who has been on the case since 2010 and is indeed handling the appeal. Thank you for your concern and rest assured Bandit’s legal counsel is on the case working diligently to save her life. We do not disclose the strategy of the case publicly.

    • Martha, I cannot disclose to you about a pending appeal nor could I tell you about results. Yes, Bandit has had an attorney. If you wish to help, visit Bandit’s web site at — there are a number of ways. Thank you so much for your support for Bandit. My contact information is in the ‘contact’ section of this blog.

  1. I was very impressed with the COPS helping all animals page & the work that they were doing. Their FB page is down now, but I hope that they are continuing with their mission(s) and would be happy to assist if at all possible.

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