Eddy JRT

Eddy was recently rescued from the Tracy Shelter by Jack Russell Rescue (CA, NorCal). Eddy (formerly Sky) is six years old and was owner-surrendered. Eddy’s owner left both Eddy and another dog (Beagle) alone for too many hours resulting in excessive barking and this is the reason he and the other dog were dropped off. I don’t know what happened to the Beagle but I suppose it was rescued as well (I hope). Eddy was lucky to have been picked up from the shelter by the JRT Rescue and I was lucky to have had the right timing.

As many of you know, Milo, My Heart Dog passed recently and I have been a mess and in a state of mourning, so much so that I could not shake it. I searched my heart and found after much soul-searching that my healing will come about through rescue. Our focus on a JRT is to honor the memory of Milo JRT as we so dearly loved him. This particular breed is not for just anyone. They are incredibly smart, loving, devoted dogs, but not for all households–as a result, the often end up in shelter or killed by cars. They are amazing hunting dogs and are not afraid of anything.

Today, Eddy arrived at our home. He explored, sniffed, ran around ‘looking’ for something, sniffed some more, we took him outside to explore the yard, where we took these pics. After several hours, he finally fell asleep. He looks peaceful and happy. He is a striking dog and well-mannered. We are so happy to make him part of the family. Milo could never be replaced, but there is room in my heart for healing through rescue and Eddy deserves a chance — Milo made it possible for Eddy to find us.

Welcome Eddy! Eddy is a Parson Jack Russell Terrier, rough coat and has warm amber eyes. He is mellow and sweet and seems to be adjusting well. Chico our Chihuahua is thinking WTH?! but he was lonely too. Chico is standing his ground as the contending family alpha since Milo’s passing (who of course was the alpha) but Eddy is unaffected.

Thank you to all for your words of support and encouragement with our loss of Milo JRT but it was you who guided us to rescue Eddy. Thank you so so much.

Eddy Eddy Apr 19 2014 Forever Home Eddy Our New JRT Eddy's hiney


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