Jo Chance Update – 4 Months Later

Jo Chance 6 mos old, loving life

Jo Chance 6 mos old, loving life

November 1, 2013:  Jo Chance is living a charmed life. A stark comparison to the day Miran intercepted him while he was being surrendered to a shelter in Kern County back in June. To learn more about Chance’s story, read all about his rescue here under the Jo Chance tab.

Jo (short for ‘Jo Chance’) spends his days in Sacramento with his mommy and angel Miran. When they’re not walking along the American river near their apartment, they like to take road trips, especially to southern California where Miran is from. Miran is a college student in Sacramento and so road trips back and forth are not a big deal for either of them.

With the help of the Saving Bandit community, Jo has received puppy behavior training from Lisa of 4 Paws University, Sacramento. Lisa is wonderful and is the same dog trainer who conducted the behavior assessment/evaluation for Bandit while she was on death row. Lisa’s evaluation of Bandit concluded that she was not vicious and dangerous and the findings were used to prove to the County of Sacramento that Bandit is not a dangerous and vicious dog. We highly recommend Lisa and her company for all your dog training and evaluation needs. We are truly grateful for her expertise and judgement, and for helping us gain Bandit’s freedom.

Jo has done nicely with the training by Lisa and uses his crate for security when he needs it as well as when Miran is attending a class. Luckily, Miran is able to spend time with Jo in between classes which he thoroughly loves.

Jo’s health is still monitored by Terra Vista Animal Hospital in Ontario, Ca – where he spent days fighting for his life back in June. Because we don’t know what Jo was subjected to (other than the obvious malnutrition and dehydration) prior to the rescue and because he was on the verge of death, extra monitoring is a good idea, we think. The staff at Terra Vista spoil him so and he loves visiting with them. During his last puppy check up, Jo weighed almost 40 lbs. and mind you, Jo is still growing.

We believe Jo is about 6 months old, perhaps born in April. He is a beautiful mix-breed, and if anyone thinks they might know the mix of his breed based on the pictures, please comment below–we’d love to hear what you think. Personally, I think Jo looks like some type of pointer mix. His color is blue and white – and we all love those beautiful green/blue eyes. He is truly a beautiful dog.

Until our next update, enjoy!

Jo in deep thought on his balcony

Jo in deep thought on his balcony


One thought

  1. Chance looks fantastic, thanks for the update. Please share with us often. I wonder if he might have a hint of great dane?

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