Jo Chance

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A little puppy was found abandoned and dying on the streets of Bakersfield on June 19, 2013. He was carried in to the Kern County Animal Shelter by a stranger who found him nearly lifeless. As he was being surrendered to the shelter, Miran Scally was there by chance – to rescue a different dog who had already been rescued by someone else – she stuck around and as she looked at other dogs and was leaving the shelter, a man walked by her on his way in with a puppy in his arms. Miran stopped him and asked if she could intervene and have the puppy. At that point, Miran rescued Chance. She and I talked and I told her that I would help her raise the money needed for his medical care (not really knowing the extent of his needs).

Miran drove from the Inland Empire in SoCal to Bakersfield and needed to return that same day back to SoCal to take Chance to emergency care as soon as possible. She managed to keep him alive, as he barely sipped water and would not eat. That very night at emergency care in Ontario, Ca. Chance’s little body would try to give up at least once. His spirit was strong and he was resuscitated and clung to life for 5 days with constant medical care.

Today, Chance, now named ‘Jo Chance’ is a vibrantly healthy and happy puppy. When he first arrived at emergency care he weighed only 9 lbs – two weeks later he weights 13.6 lbs and is gaining weight every day. He is still under medical care and his weight and health are being monitored to ensure he does not have any negative effects of the starvation and dehydration he suffered at such an early age. Chance was only 10 weeks old when he was found.

Chance has a beautiful coat that resembles the texture and coloring of a Weimaraner and his eyes appear blue or blue/green at times. He is a lovely puppy who will grow into a beautiful dog. He already is very obedient at such an early age and very eager to please and will be easy to train. He is currently about 12 weeks old, younger than we thought but very full of life and love–an a very smart puppy.

We hope you enjoy his pictures, videos, and progress as he grows.

Thank you all for your dedication and support. Contributions for Chance’s emergency and follow on care have made if possible for his rescue. We encourage you to continue your love for saving abandoned and neglected dogs, as what you see here with Chance can only be repeated with a community of caring individuals. If you would like to donate to help Miran (a college student) with future medical expenses, obedience classes, neutering, etc. you may send a small donation by CLICKING HERE.

Below are pictures and video:

VIDEO: ‘Jo Chance, The Puppy, Living his Life’

VIDEO: ‘Jo Chance Goes Home’

VIDEO: ‘I’m Alive’

Chance, the puppy

Chance, the puppy



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